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967 Moreno Ave., Palo Alto, 94303; (650) 856-9593;
Born 1936 in Washington, DC, studied at Stanford University, SFAI, Fiberworks in Berkeley, De Anza College in Cupertino, CA

YLEM: Artists Using Science and Technology, an international non-pro t arts group, in 1981. Served as president for eight years, newsletter editor for nine years, head of programs committee, 28 years.

Founding Member, Exhibit Installation Co-ordinator - California Crafts Museum:
set up and directed installation crew during the museum’s rst 2 years, while still located in Palo Alto, CA

Science images and ideas, usually translucent glowing panels. These are painted with acrylic pigments on 3/16” sheets of Plexiglas, often with engraved white areas. These 45” diameter paintings look best hung at a window or 18” from an illuminated white wall. Can also be af xed to a wall. Now available as circular 24” wall-mounted ne arts prints (edition 4, including artist proof).
Patterns in nature using 2-D media: batik, shibori, drawing, painting
Human rights and social justice: paintings, cartoons, portraits of political gures.
“Artful Recycling” with electronics and map discards.

“Physical/Metaphysical” – 50-year Retrospective – Peninsula Museum of Art, Burlingame, CA, 2017.
DeWitt Cheng, curator.
50-Year Retrospective - Private home, Palo Alto, 2017
“Iran-Contra Portraits” - Rinconada Library, Palo Alto, 2017
“When What’s Right is Wrong” - Charles Krause Reporting Gallery, Washington, DC - 2014-15
(showed Myrrh portraits of 1973 Watergate and 1987 Iran-Contra Hearings)
“Watergate: Heroes and Villains” - Palo Alto Media Center, 2013
“Recombinations” - Essential Mysteries series at Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, CA - 2006
“Essential Mysteries” - Wonderfest Science Festival, Stanford University - 2004
“Future Diversions,” Essential Mysteries series at Institute for the Future, Menlo Park, CA - 2000
“N.A.S.A. Works” (Not Actually Science Achievments) - U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA - 1994; 1995.Featured my “NASA” works, simulations of Earth from space pictures.

“Artists United: The Revolution Begins with Us”- Busboys and Poets, Washington, DC - 2016.
“Science, Technology, and the Future of Art” Paci c Art League, Palo Alto, CA – 2016, Second Prize. “Inspired by Science” (invited artist, 4 pc.) in conjunction with AAAS-Paci c Division Conference- Southern

Oregon University, Ashland, OR - 2010
“Outside the Box” - Paci c Art League, Palo Alto, CA - 2010 First Prize

“Exposición MADRE TIERRA,” in conjunction with World People’s Conference on Climate Change, a counterpoint to the Copenhagen Conference in 2009 - (invited artist, 3 pcs.)

”From the Center,” - online exhibit organized by National Women’s Caucus for Art, juried by Lucy Lippard, - 2010 “Control” - Somarts, San Francisco, jurors: Guerrilla Girls - 2009
“Visual Politics: Art and the American Experience” - Santa Cruz Art League, Peter Selz, Juror - 2008
Wonderfest Science Festival, Stanford University - 2006

“Globalization,” A Shenere Velt Gallery, Los Angeles, 2002 (political activist art exhibit)
“Artists’ Uninhibited View of Space Science,” (invited artist, 4 pieces) NASA Visitor Center, Ames Research

Center, Moffett Field, CA - 1998
“Merged Realities,” Flaundrau Science Center, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ - 1996
“YLEM’s Art on the Edge” World Wide Web page - (4 pieces, invited), - 1995 (almost at the

inception of the WorldWideWeb. The site was prize-winning).
“Artists Shedding Light on Science” (invited artist, 3 pieces; invited organizer and co-curator ) Art
Department Gallery, San Francisco State University for meeting of AAAS-Paci c Division - 1994
“The World of Maps,” (1 pc., color picture in catalog), Alaska Museum of History and Art, Anchorage, AK - 1994 “Art of the Cosmos” - traveling show, (invited artist, 1 pc.): Hayden Planetarium, New York City; Discovery

Museum, Stamford, CT; Art and Science Center, Statesville, NC; Bergen Museum, Paramus, NJ; Maryland

Science Center, Baltimore, MD - 1991-1994
“Border Axes” - electronic and fax-art-link event to 12 North American cities in 3 countries - 1989
“Looking at Earth” - National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC - year-long exhibit, 1986. First picture of the

N.A.S.A.series, (Not Actually Science Achievements), “aerial landscapes” created

by painting crumpled paper.
“The Ribbon,” one piece in a 5-mile-long peace banner, to commemorate 40th anniversary of Hiroshima - 1985.

The artist’s section is featured in the Lark Press book about it, and now resides in the Smithsonian Institution collection. (This was a mammoth quilt Project that preceded the AIDS quilt.)

2006, Lifetime Achievement Award, Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art 1997, Art Calendar “Crabbie” award for “An Essential Mystery: Brains Imagine.” 1990 Video - nalist in Hometown USA Video Festival, Columbus, OH, as producer

of “Artists Using Science and Technology” program for cable TV . 1983 Artist-in-Residence - Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA

“My Life Among the Patterns,” LASER Talk, Stanford University, 2012
“The Geology Cake” - interactive edible geology lesson at YLEM Forum, the Exploratorium, 2004
“An Unwitting Pythagorean,” invited paper, Mosaic Conference, Seattle, WA - 2000
“Scientists doing Art, Artists Doing Science” - invited paper at Fourth International Symposium of Electronic Art,

Minneapolis, MN - 1993
“Women Humanizing High Technology” panel chair - National WCA Conference, San Francisco, CA - 1989 “Disrobing Nature” - lecture at National Natural Science Museum, Mexico City; Stanford University - 1988

Trudy Myrrh Reagan, Essential Mysteries in Art and Science, 2019, 135-page book of Myrrh's science-related art since 1970, with 12 essays about each science discipline referenced in the  Essential Mysteries painting series. Available from the artist.
Trudy Myrrh Reagan, Ylem: Serving Artists Using Science and Technology, 2001-2009 (invited article), Leonardo, Vol 51, #1, 2018
Jan Rindfleisch, “Trudy Myrrh Reagan and YLEM: The Power of Ideas”, Roots and Offshoots, Ginger Press, Santa Clara, 2017)
Robert Louis Chianese, Illuminations: Poems Inspired by Science, 2016, illustration.
Trudy Myrrh Reagan, “Can Science Replace Religion?” Global Journals Human Social Sciences, Vol. 14 # 11 1.0” Trudy Myrrh Reagan, Iran-Contra: Three Scandals in One, self-published book, 2014
Trudy Myrrh Reagan, “Can Personal Meaning Be Derived from Science?” Leonardo, February 2014.
Trudy Myrrh Reagan (Myrrh), “The Study of Patterns is Profound,” Leonardo, Vol.40 #3, 2007
Gertrude Myrrh Reagan, Leonardo, “An Artist Considers the Concept of Levels in Matter,” February 1990