1987 Iran-Contra Scandal

Unlike Watergate, a simple burglary, Iran-Contra was numbingly complex—three scandals in one, deep in secrecy. First, aid to Contras in Nicaragua, secret because Congress had forbade it. Second, Selling weapons to Iran, which Congress had also forbidden. Third,  diverting the profits from Iran to aid the Contras. These portraits are shown in the order of appearance at the hearings.

“Unfortunately, the Hearings could not convey the gravity of the conspiracy to the American people….Presidential overreach, still unpunished, has tempted presidents into Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya—and perhaps other actions still unknown to us. This power can be turned inward. The president has at his fingertips newly available technology for surveillance and harassment of opponents.... Given the vague definition of "terrorist" in the Patriot Act, we should be very concerned.” — Iran-Contra: Three Plots in One, booklet by Trudy Myrrh Reagan, 2013.