These drawings are based on testimony Myrrh heard from refugees that her Quaker Meeting helped in the 1980s. When she showed them the drawings, several said, "I've seen even worse." One woman said, "The soldiers didn't look like that, most were just  muchachos, boys." Child soldiers, forcibly inducted. But two friends said it was also more hopeful than that, leading Myrrh to make two more drawings at the end. The last one is based on an actual photo of peasants reclaiming their lands in the midst of a conflict zone. "They had gotten past being afraid," her friend said. (Scroll down to find the translations).

    •    I Can't Tell You the Very Worst

    ▪    “The rich and the poor have something in common: Both were created by the Lord.”—Proverbs 22:2
        “Filthy communists!”

    ▪    “My friends! But those who bury the dead also die.”

    ▪    “Go get help, this one's still alive!”

    ▪    “Sure, I enlisted in spite of my scruples, but gosh, ma, I'm sick of being hungry!”

    ▪    “Electric knives are so quick, and so easy to carry!”

    ▪    “Bring along the heads so they can't be identified.”

    ▪    Standard Operating Procedure

    ▪    “You're making up these tales to scare me...aren't you?”

    ▪    Civil War

    ▪    “¡%@#*$©!! I ought to have recognized that we (the poor) are the enemy.”

    ▪    “Ayyyyyy!!!”

    ▪    Who will give me this day my daily bread?

    ▪    Another nightmare...

    ▪    “I can't kill anymore, not with Maria on the list...”

    ▪    The hunter becomes the hunted.

    ▪    Making a run for it.

    ▪    “Guardian Angel, sweet companion, neither abandon me by night or by day...”

    ▪    “Then, Moses says, ‘And He told me that He would free us from the sufferings in Egypt.’”

    ▪    The Terror has lost its terror.